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Service, Service, Service

We take the time to understand your situation fully. Be prepared for lots of questions. This allows us to recommend as many mortgage products as might fit your needs. There are many elements to understanding which loan is right for you and that is OUR job. We will then convey these choices to you in layman's terms, making your options as clear as possible. We can also help you better understand your credit and create a plan to prepare you to buy a house. You will have a direct number to your mortgage specialist for easy access when questions arise. Finally, your closing will be handled by professionals who are devoted to a smooth transaction and your satisfaction.

Automated Underwriting

After a quick 10-15 minute phone call or a delivery of a completed loan application, your information can be submitted to our automated underwriting system for an almost instant decision. These tools allow us to tell you exactly what back up data (bank statements, taxes etc.) will be needed to document your loan.

  • Great rates on Conforming and Jumbo loans
  • First time homebuyer personal consultations
  • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Home equity loans 
  • 3% low down payments
  • 100% USDA rural development loans
  • Second and seasonal home loans
  • Trouble credit
  • One-time-close Construction loans
  • Cash out refinances
  • Condotel


Interest Rates

Email now for more information

Interest rates are impacted by many economic factors. Interest rates change daily and can change more than once during a given day as financial markets fluctuate. The interest rate for your transaction will also be impacted by the type of property (second home, investment property, multi-unit), credit scores, down payment available, etc. It is our job to get you the absolute best rate for your situation. Your options will always be fully explained by your mortgage specialist.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote for your scenario,
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Your satisfaction is our priority.