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Welcome to Maine’s premier mortgage broker. Your home ownership and retirement goals begin with us. Big Horizon is committed to providing the best mortgage experience. We are 100% focused on residential lending, offering mortgages in both FORWARD and REVERSE.

Why an Independent Mortgage Professional
Unlike traditional lenders, we are not limited to a single source. Our industry relationships ensure you get the right lending solution to meet your needs in a timely manner. Big Horizon’s trusted reputation is built on 14 years of superior lending results.

Confident Choices
Our depth of experience allows us to guide you through your Purchase, Refinance or Reverse mortgage. We navigate you through the complexity, eliminating bureaucracy from the process to present you with sensible loan choices and affordable payments. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Maine’s Reverse Mortgage Expert
We are Maine’s most experienced reverse mortgage company. We have guided generations of families to fund retirement and protect their assets. We are experts in reverse mortgage and will dispel the myths. Learn how this financial tool (now with low fees) can create opportunities: pay for in-home health care, supplement retirement income, renovate a property, retire an existing forward mortgage or replace income after a spouse’s passing.

You can be confident in your borrowing choices with Big Horizon. Call for a free consultation to discuss your personal goals.

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In 2008, our family realized that Mom and Dad were having trouble managing on their own.

We looked into in-home caregivers and were happy to learn that Kennebunk had a lot to offer, but we didn't know how we would pay for it. Mom and Dad had no income other than social security, so we didn't have a lot of options. We had heard mixed opinions about reverse mortgages, but we wanted to look into them. Fortunately I knew Sharron through Kennebunk High School volunteering, so I had someone I trusted to educate us on how reverse mortgages work.

After talking with Sharron, our family decided that a reverse mortgage would be ideal for our circumstances. It would allow Mom and Dad to bring in caregivers and to remain at home.

Interestingly, the mortgage company required that some repairs to the house be made as part of the loan approval. This turned out to be doubly beneficial: without the reverse mortgage money, they wouldn't have been able to afford those repairs, but once the repairs were done, the house was more energy efficient, providing ongoing savings.

In 2015, Mom, who is 93, decided it was time to go to a nursing home. When we sold the house we were very pleased that after repaying our mortgage, we still had money remaining. All in all, we were totally satisfied with our reverse mortgage experience.

Miriam Whitehouse