Debby, York

At the age of 81 I found myself divorced and because I ended up owning our home, I needed to pay my ex-husband a lump sum of money I didn’t have. Because of my low income I couldn’t qualify for a regular mortgage. Big Horizon was recommended by my lawyer. Sharron...

Amelia R.

“I called Sharron while searching desperately for alternatives for my 84-year-old mother.  After two full pages of notes, I stopped the phone conversation to let her know that she was the single most competent communicator I had ever dealt with on the phone....

Miriam Whitehouse

In 2008, our family realized that Mom and Dad were having trouble managing on their own. We looked into in-home caregivers but we didn’t know how we would pay for it. Mom and Dad had no income other than social security, so we didn’t have a lot of options. We had...

Victoria, York

Sharron is so competent, easy to work with, she LISTENS, and actively works in the client's best interest. Through her efforts I was able to obtain a reverse mortgage on my home which literally changed my life options.

Karl, Kennebunkport

I’ve known Sharron for years and have always considered her a trusted source for honest, straightforward and clear guidance. A first-class professional with a great demeanor, she is capable of distilling a complex process into its essential elements.

Sean, Portland

I worked with Sharron when I bought my first home - a multi-family using an FHA loan, and she was incredibly patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. She also found lower rates than any of the banks or credit unions I had contacted, and the process was smooth throughout....

Adrienne, Rockland

The service Sharron provided could not have been better!  What could have been a very daunting process was eased by Sharron's clear communications about the timeline and the documents needed. Highly recommend.

Sharon, South Paris

I recently purchased a home using a reverse mortgage. Without Sharron's knowledge, attention to detail and focus on this project it would probably not have come to fruition! 

Amy, Harpswell

With 2020 being tough and the future uncertain, I gave Sharron a call.  She helped me secure a refinance loan that will reduce my monthly payments tremendously! The process was all email and phone during the pandemic which was so easy for me, Sharron did all the hard...

Heidi, Cape Neddick

I’m very happy in my decision to pursue a Reverse Mortgage.  Sharron made the process easy and straightforward. Each step was done very professionally. Thank you, Sharron, for allowing me to afford to remain in my home.

Margaret, Biddeford

Sharron was fantastic. Was able to be approved in a record 7 days. Big Horizon was so quick, competent and thorough. Can’t thank Sharron and her team enough! 

Big Horizon is a fully licensed Maine mortgage broker NMLS # 985472

Big Horizon mortgage professionals deliver the market’s best programs and competitive rates from trusted institutions. Customers benefit from a wide variety of offerings. Independent relationships with leading national and local lending institutions allow Big Horizon to tailor solutions to individual needs. Customers choose mortgage options that meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Sharron Eastman started Big Horizon Mortgage Corp. in 2003, in an effort to help individuals with their mortgage planning. A fully licensed professional mortgage broker, she has weathered the storm in the mortgage lending industry since the financial crisis in 2008 and her business is still growing.

Eastman grew up in Ohio and graduated from Ohio University. Prior to moving to Maine, she was a commercial real estate broker and leasing manager in Boston. She spent five years as a Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals board member and Education Committee chairwoman.

Eastman, is involved in the Kennebunk community, where she lives and works. She has served as vestry member and warden of Kennebunk’s St. David’s Episcopal Church. She also has been an Odyssey of the Mind coach in Regional School Unit 21, where her two daughters attended school.

Eastman has some high-energy hobbies. She plays tennis, winter paddle tennis, pickleball, and is a level 3 certified professional ski instructor. She is a member of the Arundel Paddle Club, York Paddle Tennis Club and the historic Kennebunk River Club.


This is the time to do the “year in review”….OR NOT … this has been a year that has been rehashed again and again……… commented on, trashed, exalted….but it’s been a year like no other. For me it has been intense. It started out with the mortgage industry on the brink...


“Watching a reverse mortgage fund end of life care at home has been my privilege for a few borrowers. The relief from money pressures in your last months or years is priceless”


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