Amy, Harpswell

With 2020 being tough and the future uncertain, I gave Sharron a call.  She helped me secure a refinance loan that will reduce my monthly payments tremendously! The process was all email and phone during the pandemic which was so easy for me, Sharron did all the hard...

Heidi, Cape Neddick

I’m very happy in my decision to pursue a Reverse Mortgage.  Sharron made the process easy and straightforward. Each step was done very professionally. Thank you, Sharron, for allowing me to afford to remain in my home.

Margaret, Biddeford

Sharron was fantastic. Was able to be approved in a record 7 days. Big Horizon was so quick, competent and thorough. Can’t thank Sharron and her team enough! 


This is the time to do the “year in review”….OR NOT … this has been a year that has been rehashed again and again……… commented on, trashed, exalted….but it’s been a year like no other. For me it has been intense. It started out with the mortgage industry on the brink...