In 2008, our family realized that Mom and Dad were having trouble managing on their own. We looked into in-home caregivers and were happy to learn that Kennebunk had a lot to offer, but we didn't know how we would pay for it. Mom and Dad had no income other than social security, so we didn't have a lot of options. We had heard mixed opinions about reverse mortgages, but we wanted to look into them. Fortunately I knew Sharron through Kennebunk High School volunteering, so I had someone I trusted to educate us on how reverse mortgages work. After talking with Sharron, our family decided that a reverse mortgage would be ideal for our circumstances. It would allow Mom and Dad to bring in caregivers and to remain at home. Interestingly, the mortgage company required that some repairs to the house be made as part of the loan approval. This turned out to be doubly beneficial: without the reverse mortgage money, they wouldn't have been able to afford those repairs, but once the repairs were done, the house was more energy efficient, providing ongoing savings. In 2015, Mom, who is 93, decided it was time to go to a nursing home. When we sold the house we were very pleased that after repaying our mortgage, we still had money remaining. All in all, we were totally satisfied with our reverse mortgage experience.
Miriam Whitehouse
"A big "thank you" for your presentation on reverse mortgages at Rockland Friday, you have huge energy and enthusiasm which made your presentation especially good."
Nelson & Small, inc
"I called Sharron Eastman out of the blue one August afternoon, while searching desperately for alternatives for my aging 84 year old mother, a Kennebunk condo owner whose assets are quickly dwindling. After two full pages of notes, I stopped the phone conversation to let Sharron know that she was the single most competent communicator I had ever dealt with on the phone. Everything she presented was precise and offered 100% clarity. She was warm, genuine, anticipated all my questions, offered reassurance, listened carefully, kept an optimal pace, and  delivered everything I needed in a follow-up email within moments. I offered to write a letter to her boss, only to have her tell me that she WAS the boss. I look forward to working with Big Horizon Mortgage Corporation in the future."
Amelia R.
"A few years ago, I realized that I was dollar poor and house rich. Though at the time there was no urgent need for money, I feared as I aged that I would need a financial back up. Sharron spent many hours discussing needs vs wants and assisting me in finding the best solution for me. A year later I was hospitalized from July to late October. The choice after hospitalization was five to six months in a nursing home or home with medical assistance. We were pleased that with a little bit of family help, home care was now well within my reach. I was so grateful to have the dollars available to stay home. My advice to any senior who is not financially "set" is to talk to Sharron about the options available to them. You'll sleep better."
Judy Roy, Arundel
"Thank you so much for all your skill and assistance through our recent loan process.  We appreciate the extra effort and attention that you gave us.  You made us comfortable with the process as well as the rate and loan product that was best for us.  We will not hesitate to send friends and acquaintances your way!"
Kennebunk ME
"I wanted to thank you again for making my home financing experience a good one. I will recommend you and your company to anyone that I hear is looking to refinance or finance a new purchase."
Wells, ME
"Thank you for all your "toil" on my client's behalf.  You are thorough and responsive to all parties needs....a rare trait in the business world today! I look forward to our next transaction."
Realtor, Kennebunk, ME
"Thank you so much for everything you did for me to help me get my refinancing done. You are good! I really appreciate all of the help and support.  I couldn't have done this without you."
Kennebunk, ME
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts as it relates to securing a great mortgage for our property at Kennebunk Beach.  I am extremely pleased with the rate you were able to achieve in an otherwise challenging debt market. From start to finish, the process could not have gone more smoothly. Given the size of the loan, the fact that we went from application to closing in 3 weeks time is a testament to experience and reputation. Thanks again for all the hard work."
Kennebunk Beach, ME
"Many thanks for all you did to make everything come together for me. I appreciate all the time you took to organize and explain everything to me. As a first timer, there's so much to take in and you made it easy...very grateful for your hard work and support."
Arundel, ME